Don the Window Cleaner

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Don the Window Cleaner

Window Cleaning

“A squeegee for every purpose.”

For the screens, he prefers to wipe them down a clean, damp cloth to remove the dust buildup. Screens are fragile, and every time to take them out and wash them, they are more likely to get broken. Many screens today cannot be taken out from the outside, and homeowners or inexperienced cleaners inadvertently destroy screens. In many cases, the window needs to be removed and cleaned and put back in without disturbing the screen with more than wiping it clean. Very few people know how to take these out successfully. Don has been doing it for decades.

“Even my van looks good!”

Whether you have windows with screens, sliding glass doors, or high “eyebrow” windows, Don can change the world you see through them! And a good job stays done longer. Why? Because whatever is left behind collects more dust and pollen, which drifts up like snow. Whatever streaks and smudges left behind become more and more pronounced over time. That’s what leaves a bad taste in your mouth after working so hard to do them yourself, only to have them look dirty a few months later…

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