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Don the Window Cleaner


I love my audiobooks! I use the Overdrive app on my Android phone to get great reading in while I clean your windows. I will make a point of telling you what I’ve listened to lately, and telling you what I thought of it. I will provide Amazon links to purchase those books. If you buy a book after going through my link,, I get rewarded with a small commission! Now, I’m just a poor window cleaner trying to make a living. Would it be so bad if you added an extra scoop of gravy on my potatoes?

First, I am a huge Bernard Cornwell fan. He wrote the Sharp series (Sharpe’s Tiger (Richard Sharpe’s Adventure Series 1)) that got made into a PBS series years ago, with Richard Sharp being played by Sean Bean. I like the books much better! And BC can sure crank them out. I am especially fond of the series about King Arthur, which begins with The Winter King (The Arthur Books 1). His latest, though, is the series about Alfred the Great. It’s been made into a series on Netflix called The Last Kingdom.

I’m not all about fiction, though. Feel free to get your nerd on with Mark Kurlansky’s Cod: A Biography Of The Fish That Changed The World . Yes, the fish. It was fascinating and well written. It caused me to read other books by the author, like 1968: The Year That Rocked the World. I’ll blog about some of the others in subsequent posts.

My Latest Toy

I recently got a set of bluetooth headphones. They were under $25, but what makes them a real bargain is that I won’t ruin another pair of earbuds by catching them on your bushes while I am cleaning your windows outside. I found a cheap pair made by Bluedio, and they have the exterior ear covers. Unfortunately, my ears are a little big for this pair, so they don’t entirely envelope my ears and shut out the noise of the outside world. But they still do a good job for the money, and I hope to get a couple years out of them. This is much better than buying a set of ear buds every month at $6.99 each. Click on the link to my headphones to start shopping for headphones!