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My Videos

Here is where I will start archiving the YouTube videos that made me semi-famous. A lot of people were helped by these videos when they wanted to start their own business, but you may just want to see them to get an idea of what I am all about. Well, I’m about a lot of things, but these will be window cleaning oriented.

Videos that help other window cleaners

I have a YouTube channel that needs a total reorganization. There are videos about the window cleaning business, about the Bible, about local politics. I have used YouTube for many things since 2007, including my run for Mayor of Gainesville in 2010. But it all started with my advice videos for self-employed window cleaners.

This video was made about 10 years ago! It’s my most popular video with about 94,900 views as of today! The intro music came from my son’s band, Officer Flossie. I no longer own

In this video someone is shooting at something across the Suwanee River. I looked to see if it was intended for me. Satisfied that it’s not, I move on and keep cleaning.

Videos that helped sell my service

This one is a favorite of mine. It’s a window cleaning “commercial” but there is a red ribbon that goes by saying I also do pressure washing. It also gives my old phone number. If you are on this site, call the number on the site.

I believe using video is a great way for a local professional to present him or her self to the public. If you are working at or in peoples’ homes, they need to see you and hear you to get a feel for what you are like. It’s also a great way to educate your customers so they are not buying someone else’s service because they didn’t know any better.

Videos that help me sell equipment

Back in 2008 I started selling window cleaning equipment. I sold a kit that I thought would help any newcomer to the business get started right away. That selection of tools cost about $200, and I sold several of them. As popular as my videos were, however, I found that there just were not enough people buyiing from me to make the effort worthwhile. This little video I made about Unger window cleaning equipment is my tribute to their great products!

If you are looking at getting into the business, I won’t be selling, packing, and shipping products to you. But I will advertise them to you! Check out my recommendations below!

The foundation of doing good work is a professional quality squeegee. This one is not only perfect for doing storefronts as well as house windows, but it has a swivel handle to help you clean windows of different shapes. But you will need to get two: one with a pitch of 30 degrees and one with a 0 degree pitch. The 0 degree squeegee makes it possible to clean windows at difficult angles. Get two handles and then use channels of different sizes for different size windows.